Our TasteBudds Flavors are designed to work with a wide range of applications. Using TasteBudds flavorings, you can now add flavor to your Rig Water, Flowers, Edibles and even Extracts! No matter the application, just one or two drops will be certain to tickle your tastebuds!

Water Application:

-Fill a cup with your desired amount of water. Add 1-2 drops of any TasteBudds Flavor and swirl. Add water to your Rig and Enjoy!

Flower Application:

- Grind up desired amount of flower
- Add ground up flower to cup or container
- Add 1-2 drops of TasteBudds flavor
- Shake Container for 20 seconds
- Add flower to desired smoking application and Enjoy!

Edible Application

- Add 1/2 of the normal amount of recommended flavoring for specific recipe.

Extract Application

- To Flavor 1 gram of extract: Add 1-2 drops of flavor and let it dissolve into your extract.

- To Flavor 1 single Dab: Add 1 drop of flavor to a surface or container. Swipe your dab quickly through the flavor and Enjoy!
We sell each terpene and flavor blend in convenient, ready to use 10ml bottles.