At Tasty Terpenes we don’t just sell flavors and terpenes. Through the utilization of terpene technology, we help improve the effectiveness of flowered products and help patients and businesses create synergistic concentrated products with unique flavor and terpene blends. By adding terpenes to the final product (flower, concentrates, tinctures and more), we can help recreate a similar terpene profile that harnesses the original plant’s essence.

Whether you want a specific terpene profile like Sour Diesel, or a fruity flavor like peach, Tasty Terpenes can provide you with virtually any terpene blend and flavor that can be incorporated in any product line you have: waxes, vaporizer cartridges, candies, edibles, beverages, tinctures, and more. We can also provide you with custom flavor blends and enhance these with terpenes, or provide custom terpene blends to match your existing flowers. We also offer a natural, solvent-free line of terpenes and flavors.